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Designer cushion covers for your home

About 3 Years Ago
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They can be as effective as a piece of artwork and should be treated with the same respect. If selected carefully, they can be the centerpieces of a room as they can complement all the elements in the room and create a harmonious and stylish look. We were asked many questions on this subject so we’ve compiled a list of these questions and our answers below:

What is the standard size for cushion covers in India?
Cushions come in lots of different sizes and shapes but there is one size that is most common and that’s the 40cm x 40cm square cushion (or 16? x16?). There is also a popular rectangle option which is 50cm x 30cm (20? x 12?). While these sizes are the most common, you can also find many 45cm x 45cm or 50cm x 50cm varieties. What size you choose is a matter of personal preference and many decorators use a range of shapes and sizes in the one room.

Does my cushion cover come with an insert?
This is a very important question if you are buying cushions online. Most online cushion retailers only sell the covers because it would cost their customer a lot of money to ship a bulky insert when they can pick them up from their local department store for next to nothing. It is important you know what you are getting when you buy cushions online because you don’t want to be expecting lovely fluffy cushions in the post, only to receive empty covers!

What size cushion insert should I buy?
This is one of the most common questions we get asked and, while it’s a matter of personal preference, We do have some suggestions that can help. The size of cushion insert you should buy depends on two things:

The size of your cushion cover
The filling in your cushion insert
Generally speaking, your cushion inserts should be the same size or slightly bigger than your covers. However, it depends if you want a firm bulky cushion or a more flat ‘cushy’ cushion. Our preference is the firm bulky look as it fills out the cushion and makes it more visually appealing.

The other thing to consider is the filling in your cushion insert. Most inserts are made from foam or polyester or a combination of the two, however you can also get inserts made from down and/ or feathers. As a general rule, foam or polyester can take the same size or one size bigger than the cushion cover. Down/ feather inserts have more give and you should go for covers that are one or two sizes bigger. We’ve created a simple table below to help you determine the best insert for you cushion cover.

Type of Fit
Foam/ Polyester
Down/ Feathers
Firm/ Bulky
5cm larger than cover
10cm larger than cover
Flat/ Cushy
Same size as cover
5cm larger than cover
Should I buy patterned or solid colour cushion covers?
This is really a case of personal preference but we do have some styling tips that can help you. Both solid colours and patterns are a good idea but no one wants too much of one thing. Many people buy two or four of the exact same cushion and throw them on their couch and be done with it. What a waste! While there is nothing wrong with this approach, we think you are missing a golden opportunity to add some colour and style to your room. As long as you choose new cushions that have the same colour palette, you can get 2 – 4 (or more!) cushion covers of different colours and patterns. If you are just starting out then an excellent way to begin is the two solid and two patterned combination.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor cushion covers?
The main difference between indoor and outdoor cushion covers is in the fabric they are made from. Indoor covers can be made from soft fabrics such as cotton, polyester, linen, silk and leather. Because these cushions live inside and are shielded from the elements, you can use a whole range of different fabrics and be safe in the knowledge that the only risk to your cushion covers is human error (spills, thrills or accidents).

Outdoor cushions need to be a little more hardy and it is for this reason that the fabric of outdoor covers is much tougher and often waterproof. They might not be as silky and comfortable as their indoor counterparts, but they will last much longer and weather the elements much better. Most retailers will specify if a cushion cover is suitable for outdoor use so you can pretty much assume that, if unstated, your cover is of the indoor variety. Outdoor cushion covers are made with thicker polyester weaves as well as cotton and duck canvas. These materials are much more durable and hard wearing than the fabrics mentioned above.

Painter, designer, and author Neeti Jain launched RANGRAGE in 2012 in Muscat. Her design philosophy: combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a kaleidoscopic collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize "tradition with a twist." . RANGRAGE is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to life.

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